Elaka tankar om Tyskland #1 Klemperer har fortfarande rätt, rasismen sitter i språket och i handlingarna, rasismen sitter i språket och handlingarna.



die Rolltreppen in Duisburg fahren nur halb so schnell wie die Rolltreppen in Stockholm

die treppe hoch!

die treppe hoch! hoch! hoch!

ich will nur mit dem Ausländern sprechen!

Ich hab gefragt – können wir english sprechen?

nein- leider nicht wir können nicht english sprechen, meine kolleginen versteh nichts alles…


my prejudices has become screwed up!

I profile impolite people all over the place

känner mig ständigt trakasserad

constantly harassed


Ich hab Ihr Feiertag kaput gemacht

Ich kann nicht mehr

Ich kann nicht mehr

Slutet av ny Sidenvägen

där hände en massa saker tidigare

varför är det dött nu, vid slutet av nya Sidenvägen?

Warum ist es am Ende der Seidenstraße mehr tot als lebendig?

I can’t take it any longer

more dead than alive


I can’t relate to you!! Avarage germans

a fucked up perspective on class society, things struck us, the escalators in Duisburg runs only half the speed as the escalators in Stockholm

Like never before like never before

Ich wache im noise auf, um in der stille zu sterben



die gesichte ist immer noch nichts zu ende, eine andere gesuchte ist noch möglich

thank you Germany, you stop me from dreaming with the way you speak to me, I’m an eu citizen, I know what’s up here, Ich bin auch EU-bürgerin ich weiß was lost ist

Deutsch sprechen Deutsch sprechen Deutsch sprechen



Gunter Deller  06.03. - 02.04.2022    |   Monatlich wechselnde Ausstellungen



Performance SE/D 2020, 

Video 1:00 min.



… Erase Yourself:

The performance series ERASE YOURSELF 

is a try to form characters around micro harassment, personal riot, hybrid body, against any kinds of hierarchy, against any kind of normality, against any kind of normativity.

It's all about social realism and punk rock

A person who is an insider and outsider at the same time; sad, rebellious and, hopefully, poetic.

ERASE YOURSELF is a self talk about politicized existence and living at the side of society, looking at society.


… Marie:

Marie Gavois’ artistic practice spans various media and fields where performance, sound and film are prominent. 2020 – 2021 her solo work involves a research project on the aesthetics of noise-dance and personal riot. 

She’s a member and co-founder of the performative sound art and noise duo Sisterloops, a collaboration with composer Alexandra Nilsson based in Stockholm since 2013. 

2019 she initiated H a l f f l o o r - a podcast and platform for sonic performative artworks. A collaboration with the artists Susanne Skog and George Kentros. She has an ongoing collaboration with the filmmaker and  artist Michel Klöfkorn, since 2014.

2015-2018 Gavois was the chair woman of Fylkingen – new music and intermedia art in Stockholm. 

2008-2012 she was an apprentice in SU-EN Butoh Company participating as a dancer and performer in many projects and exhibitions. Earlier she studied sculpture at Gothenburg school of art.


Exhibitions, shows, concerts (sel.)

2021  Audioblast #9 Festival, Nantes/ Sisterloops concert. 

Dellplatz, Duisburg/ Letter to sister ERASE YOURSELF part 2

Maschinenhaus Essen/ Artists in residency/ Sisterloops

Mönchengladbach Kunstverein/ ERASE YOURSELF #3

Volksteater Vienna/film screening Jaime’s House

2020  33. Filmwinter Stuttgart/ Opening performance: A Glass of Poisoned Orange Juice

An abandoned C&A shopping mall, Duisburg/ sound art camp/ Halffloor crew

Fylkingen, Stockholm/ CRASH RIDE extended/ Sisterloops 

Lokal Harmonie, Duisburg/ CRACKS ERASE YOURSELF part 2

2019  Ausland Berlin/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops

Ebertplatz, Cologne/ Concert performance// Sisterloops

Fylkingen, Stockholm/ Halffloor world premiere/ H a l f f l o o r

die Grosse, Düsseldorf/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops

Münsterstraße 88, Dortmund/ ich will mit den mädschen sprechen

Royal institute of Art, Stockholm research week/ The seagulls are singing nasty pop songs

Växjö Konsthall/ MediaArtes/ The seagulls singing nasty pop songs

Werkhalle, Dortmund/ ERASE YOURSELF

2018  3:e Våningen, Göteborg/ Chicken or pasta? she said when I fell in love with her

C.OFF, Stockholm/ Untitled reading/ Gavois Anufrieva

Fylkingen, Stockholm/ Madame K. and the tourist

Marabouparken, Stockholm/ Zipper Conversation #3

Queer Noise Fest #1, Stockholm/ Wild (Pussy) Cat/ Sisterloops

Royal Academy of art, Stockholm/ Work a work workshop

Stockholm Concert Hall/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops

Silence (Sound), Stockholm/ welcome to sweden/ premiere

2017  docuementa 14, Athens, Megaron Musikkis, Athens/ lecture

Freuds Dream Museum, St. Petersburg/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops

Fylkingen, Stockholm/ The seagulls are singing nasty poop songs

GOLD+BETON, Cologne/ 

Zipper Conversation #1

Husby konsthall, Stockholm/ CRASH-RIDE/ Sisterloops

Loris Galerie, Berlin/ What if I send your love letters back in a pizza carton back to you?

National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow/ lecture

Saasfee Pavillon, Frankfurt/ Seagulls exhibition

2016  klubb intim° 1- 6, Stockholm, club organizer

Inkonst, Malmö/ lecture Gavois Wolay

Nutida Musik, nummer 261, årgång 58 (New music Magazine)/ article 

Revolve Performance Art festival, Uppsala/ performance

Salons des amateurs, Düsseldorf/ performance

Upper City Center, Offenbach/ residency performance

WIP:konsthall, Stockholm/ exhibition installation

2015  AFiRIperFOMA, Lagos, Nigeria / Artist in Residency 

Diskurs Festival 15, Giesen / consumerism goes psychedelic

Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria / The Visitor

Makroscope, Mülheim and der Ruhr / Zombie

Skogen, Göteborg/ A lizard visited us for breakfast

YABA collage of art, Lagos, Nigeria /lecture performance art workshop

2014  Fylkingen, Stockholm/ Tongues, performance

Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn

Moselstrasse 45, Frankfurt/ performance

PALS festival, Stockholm/ performance 

Platform, Vaasa Finland/ performance

SECRET GARDEN VERÖND, Reykjavik/ Gavois Germain performance lecture

2013  Gallery Detroit, Stockholm/ Rompicoglioni dance

Kulturhuset, Stockholm/ Disparity and in surface/ performance

Mobile Radio – Double radio Konsthall C, Stockholm/ reading

Teater Galeasen, Stockholm/ who speaks who makes noise?/ Sisterloops

TITWRENCH, Stockholm/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops

Verkligheten, Umeå/ Blue horror/ performance

2008-2012  dancer, apprentice/ SU-EN Butoh Company (SE)/

Grants the last five years:

Kunststiftung NRW, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenshaft Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dortmund City Kulturbüro, Neustart Kultur NRW, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Performing Arts Agency, Helge Ax:son Johnssons Stiftelse.